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About me

I'm Maya Anjelica Murillo, an Aries from Phoenix, Arizona with two artist parents. 
(My mom is the Crafty Chica and my dad is the Mantastic Artist.)
I have to admit, their lifestyle has worn off on me.
Here are some random things about me: 
College student at ASU.
Sometimes I'm an introvert and sometimes i'm an extrovert depending on the situation!
Music is my life.
Teal and magenta are my favorite colors.
I started making videos at sixteen.
I'm a proud addict of tumblr.
I love my i-Phone.
I love Instagram and Vine: Mayainthemoment
Bon Iver makes me cry.
I have an hour glass shaped body.
I have naturally curly hair.
Cookie dough ice cream is my favorite. But strawberry doesn't disappoint.
I'm fourth generation Mexican-American. 
I have one brother and five Chihuahuas. 
I oversleep almost every day.
I play the ukulele, guitar and piano and sing.
I have been in orchestra for ten years.
I play the Viola.
I love to travel. I've been to New York City, Florida, California and Mexico. 
I did my first national TV appearance at age eight.
I hate math.
I love to craft.
I'm attracted to sophisticated geeks who smile a lot.
I've learned to live and love every moment.
I want to share to inspire others to do the same!
I believe in girl power, karma, destiny, the power of prayer, and true love!