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Thursday, April 10, 2014


 This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with NEUTROGENA and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, the words and opinions are my own! :) 

Hello, Loves! 
 Spring is HERE, and I have to say, it's my favorite season of the year. The air is light, the sun is kind and sweet spring crushes bloom...er uh I mean, flowers... ;)

I was born in March, and according to my parentals, my name means goddess of spring time! What are the odds? Spring time is my FAVE! It's my THING! It's my JAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!

That's why I was so happy to be a part of the #NeutrogenaBelleza campaign. They have some cute products for spring that I think you'll like very much :)

  The foundation was unfortunately too dark for my skin, but I'm still going to use it as a concealer, or to couture (if I get that advanced someday)!  Therefore, let's start with the eyes!

   Like all Neutrogena products, you can ensure that their make-up won't be harsh on your skin. Which is great for me considering I have sensitive skin. 

 I absolutely LOVE the Healthy Volume® Mascara Regular. As soon as I put on the Mascara, my eyelashes were brought to LIFE! I think it has to do with the brush, (is that a obvious thing to assume? I'm new at this! LOL) 

 The Crease Proof Eye Shadow in "Forever Platinum" was a challenge for me. I don't usually experiment with eye shadow, so when I saw this, I was like, "k. wat du I du.lol" hahaha. 
 I remember long ago in YouTube land, I watched a make-up tutorial about using a silver eye shadow to make your eyes look bigger. So, that's what I did! I think it works well with this look because it's very subtle and natural. It's the little things, right? Spring time is all about dat natural look, baby!

Lastly, LIPS! I am a total fan of the MoistureSmooth Color Stick in "Sweet Watermelon". I have this in "Bright Berry", which is a darker shade. This is one of my faves because subtle, yet sweet color it gives my lips. I think it brightens up my face! The moisture is also an important perk because it softens your lips, and lasts all day.

As simple as this review was, I hope you at least got some insight on possible looks for spring time!
Happy spring!!!

Love, Maya
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Turning 21: 5 Lessons I've Learned

It's been a week now since my 21st birthday, and I have to say, I've learned somethings. Things they don't tell you that you feel. I feel...things. Here's a list of what I've learned so far.

1. Beer is GROSS

Surely not ALL beer is gross. But I've never been that person who downs an entire beer then says, "WOOOOO MORE! BEER! YA!" If anyone actually even says that...It tastes like straight up booty butt. What is booty butt? You ask? It's something gross. Uh, yeah.

2.Wine Taste Like Cherry Cough Syrup

(I HATE CHERRIES!!!) LOL Ok, Story time. When I was little, my dad used to give us this cherry cough medicine when we'd get sick. It was so gross, it actually SCARRED me for life. I know, first world probz. ANDDD TV shows have led me to believe that wine is sophisticated and sexy. What's sexy about it, if I'm making this face while drinking it?!


Weird. I thought a boy's way of flirting was making a singing vine for you then making a double chin face at the end...BUT THIS IS COOL TOO. While I was in Tempe, (ASU college land) I was meeting some of my mom's co-workers at a hotel. YES, I WAS WITH MY MOM, BUT HEAR ME OUT FIRST!!! Ok, I can't come back from that. But basically, the bartender heard I turned 21m and whipped out this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle drink for me. I hardly think he was flirting. But if he was,

4. Parents Look At You Differently
It's all fun and games till you hit 21. The first thing my parents told me was, "okay...you're 21 now! Officially a grown up!" Grown..u..p? Grown up? I'm grown up. Grown up I am. I can't live with my parents 4evr?!!?! Okay, I get it...time to get my "ish" together!

5. I feel FREE!
No more age restrictions! No more, "Can I see your ID? Sorry, you're not old enough." "Come out with us!! Oh wait, you're not 21 yet? Sorry..." "21 and OVER ONLY!!"  FINALLY! I feel like I've finally be let out of this tower called, "Underaged". :D

Love, Maya

Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey loves! I'm starting a BRAND NEW YouTube series on my new channel! Check out the intro! As a bonus, here's a fun mash up!! :)

Love, Maya

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Yesterday was the BEST birthday yet! I have so many amazing friends and family who support my craziness. Thank you to all who donated to my Hispanicize trip!! I reached and even surpassed my goal!!

In another part of the virtual world, some of my vine friends hacked my account for the day! I loved all of them so much, I put them in a video! If you're new to vine, make sure you follow these peeps!!! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to make a vine!


Love, Maya

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It's not only my birthday...It's also been FIVE years of mayainthemoment.com!!!
What a crazy, awesome journey it has been. Here are my top five fave moments!

1. First Video!
Here's me at sixteen first starting mayainthemoment! I started this as an after school hobby, and now it's turned into a wonderful job!

 This was a series I started that eventually led to singing customized love songs for people. It was an amazing experience. Now I sing custom love songs every year for Valentine's day!

This is a big one. I can't even begin to describe what lovely opportunities and people Vine has brought me. Here is the Vine that started it all! It now has over 100k likes and almost 100k revines! Here's a post on how Vine changed my life.

4. My First Panel at Hispanicize 2013!
If you don't know what Hispanicize is, click hereThis is a large, groundbreaking blogger conference that is certainly beneficial to my expertise and career as a media entrepreneur. Last year I got the opportunity to speak on a panel about social media. I was so scared, but to be on a panel at 20? So cool. This year I got invited to speak again on viral videos! I'm so excited.  However, the airfare is super pricey. So if you'd like to contribute to a young, Latina entrepreneur help me fund my trip! HERE

5. YOU.
All my ADORABLE followers. My family. My crazy friends. Your love is what keeps me going!!(ew, that sounded so cliche) BUT IT'S TRUE!! The fact that you take the time to like, watch, share and comment on my stuff means so much. I love you guys so much! So THANK YOU!

Love, Maya

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hello, loves!

I need YOUR help! Here is a little background info first-
 I started my blog when I was 16 as an after school hobby. I filmed funny comedy videos, sang songs I wrote on my ukulele, and even craft projects. I wanted to share positivity from a teenager's point of view.

Here it is FIVE years later and wow, my blog has grown so much. My following has reached 90,000 users across Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram! I'm a full-time college student and now, running MayaInTheMoment.com is my part-time job. These days, I use my blog to share content that I know young people my age will relate to and be inspired by. My blog has taught me so much - how to plan, write, take photos, edit videos, network and so much more. It helped me find my place in the world. I want to grow MayaInTheMoment.com to be bigger and better! I want it to be my full-time job once I graduate college.

Now, about this fundraiser. I'm asking for your help in funding my travel expenses to Hispanicize 2014 in Miami. (http://hispanicizeevent.com) This is a large, groundbreaking blogger conference that will be beneficial to my expertise and career as a media entrepreneur. 
Bottom line? I need to buy my plane ticket. It's getting close to the wire and I have my hotel, meals, conference pass and have even been invited to speak on a panel about viral videos. I did have a sponsor for my flight, but it fell through this week and now I'm here, heartbroken and one week away from the conference.
I'm working hard to earn money at home, but in the meantime I'm asking for your help with my plane ticket. Know that by donating, you are supporting a young Latina entrepreneur who is ready to make positive changes in the world, one blog post and video at a time. My goal is to learn as much as I can and come back and share it with my followers. 
It's a win-win situation: Each donation comes with a gift, and an extra dose of good karma!
Thank you so much for reading this! 
P.S. Hey friends and family, Tuesday is my 21st birthday! Hint, hint!

Love, Maya

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hey loves!

New project for ilovetocreate.com! Fabric covered shoes! I can never leave my shoes plain, I always have to decorate them up somehow. I think that's just from being the product of two artsy parents! Here is a super easy tutorial on adding some personality to your boring shoes! Enjoy!

Love, Maya