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Sunday, November 30, 2014

MotoX and UE Boom Speaker REVIEW #VZWBUZZ


Hey guys! I have some gadgets for you that I think you'll LOVE. 

 The first is called the "UE BOOM" from Ultimate Ears and it's a wireless speaker! 
This was my first experience with a wireless speaker, and omg it's AMAZING. Basically, it can connect up to 8 devices through bluetooth. That means your iPad, iPhone, computer, etc. 

I use it EVERYWHERE! I used it to listen to Christmas music while I set up the Christmas tree, while I clean, dance parties by myself or with my puppies, and at family functions. It retails for $199.99, and it's totally worth it. 
It has a 15 hour battery, water proof skin, and can totes fit in your purse. lololol 
It even has it's own app!!
Me with the UE Boom....LOL

The next gadget I have for you guys is that MotoX (2 Gen). 
The battery life is awesome on this phone. I recently brought the Moto X on my NYC trip and it was so handy! I watched movies, and listened to music on the plane-without it dying! 
(4 hour plane ride, btw!) 
Compared to my iPhone, that's pretty good. *I cringed while typing that, btw*

Took this photo with the MotoX!

For a more in depth review on the Moto X, check out my brother's experience on my mom's blog!

Hope you guys enjoyed my review!

Love, Maya

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014


Hi guys!! So right meow I'm staying in the Chelsea district in New York City! 
A photo posted by Maya Anjelica Murillo (@mayainthemoment) on


I'm speaking at the Casa Latina Home Expo show at the Blogger Bootcamp section about building your social media audience or "tribe". 
It's a free event, so come get ideas for your home as well as tips from some awesome panelists! 
MORE INFO: http://casalatinahomeexpo.com/blogger-business-boot-camp/

Love, Maya

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Hey everyone!! So, by the time this posts I will be heading to San Francisco for the Word Press conference with my mom I'm daily vlogging my entire experience, so make sure you're subscribed to my Youtube! (Youtube.com/mayainthemoment)
 In the mean time, here's a little throwback thursday video from my old channel. Enjoy baby maya!

Love, Maya

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Travel Tips+Project Runway Twitter Party!

This is a sponsored post for Project Runway and Best Western. 
However, the words and opinions are my own!

 Join @xoxolizza & @leauraluciano this Thursday, October 16th 9pm EST/6pm PST
to celebrate (or discover) #BestWestern's involvement in this week's #ProjectRunway episode. 

RSVP to be entered to win a $50 giftcard, then join us for the #twitterparty where we'll be giving away a #giftcard every 15 minutes. 
LINK: http://twubs.com/BWFashion 

C'mon get your #BWFashion on!

Hey guys! I hope you can join us for the twitter party. I LOVE Project Runway

 As you know I've been traveling quite a bit in these past few months. 
This summer I traveled all around Kansas with @xoxoLizza for Ford and Best Western, went to LA for MTV's Video Music Awards, drove around California, THEN Texas. 
One would assume I've acquired at least SOME travel tips, right!?

Here are my top 5 travel tips while still looking supah fly and keeping your cool.
*DISCLAIMER- looking like Heidi not guaranteed* 

1.  Store Jewelry In a Pill Container!
   I ALWAYS lose my jewelry on trips cause I think it's save to store them in sandwich bags, but then I find them scattered because the bag wasn't closed up all the way! (Possibly my fault, LOL) OR tangled. (UGH!) At least this way you know that it's safe!

If there's anything I swear by, its bringing an external charger with you EVERYWHERE! 
Especially when you travel. Jockery is an excellent external charger brand, and you can get them cheap on Amazon!

3. So Fresh and So Clean, Clean.
Hand wipes and anitary bathroom wipes Repeat after me, hand wipes and sanitary bathroom wipes. Airports are FULL of germs and careless people. One way to avoid getting sick is by using what? Hand wipes and sanitary bathroom wipes. Class dismissed. 

4. Travel Playlist!

 Music is everything when you're traveling. Make sure to make at least two different kinds of playlists. One for a mellow mood, and one for a booty shakin'-having a good time-omg I'm so excited for this trip mood. Speaking of booty shakin' music, click HERE for some suggestions!


When @xoxolizza and I went on our Ford #UnMiniVan trip, we encountered SO many interesting people and situations. Some were...not so nice. But we always made it a point not let anything get in our way. We took EVERYTHING as an adventure even though it was unexpected. 
But those are the best, right?! It's totally okay if things don't go as planned. 

It's such a waste to be mad about something you can't control!

I hope these help you! Don't forget 9pm EST/6pm PST! 
                      LINK: http://twubs.com/BWFashion 

Love, Maya